A new week has begun, and listed below are 10 fresh tracks in emerging R&B and hip hop. Whether you need a new track for your gym playlist or something to stare out the backseat window to, as you ponder existence, it’s all here. From new releases from Omar Apollo to Doechii and more, you’ll find everything you need to get through the week in style.

Baby Stone Gorillas, “Keep Goin” 

Los Angeles group Baby Stone Gorillas wants to take you to church. On their latest single “Keep Goin,” the group — made up of Top5ivee, P4K, 5Much and EKillaOffDaBlock — aims to uplift, reflecting on their own come-up (I told my n—as we can’t stop, we gotta keep goin’/ Told bro, “Hop in the booth, we gotta keep flowin’”) as choral harmonies loop in the background.

Syd feat. Kehlani, “Out Loud” 

On her latest album, Broken Hearts Club, Syd takes a moment to long for acknowledgement. “Tell ’em everything about me/ How you feel around me/ How you feel about it/ You can’t live without it,” she sings in her delicate falsetto. The L.A. native is joined by fellow Californian and R&B favorite Kehlani, whose raspy tone balances out Syd’s milky vocals.

Dusty Locane, “Floss State of Mind” 

Dusty Locane brings new flavor to drill on “Floss State of Mind.” The track is refreshingly softer than the NYC-bred rapper’s previous offerings, integrating a Y2K vibe both visually and sonically, through its instrumentation, Locane’s melodies and white tank top beach scenes.

Omar Apollo, “Evergreen” 

Ivory has something for everyone, guaranteed. A cappella? Check. Pop-punk? Check. Maddeningly indistinguishable genre? Check. Mexican folk? Check. Latin rap? That, too. But that doesn’t mean the singer forgot his R&B roots. On “Evergreen,” the singer is classically soulful, homing in on 1960s rhythm and blues elements, allowing his emotive vocals to breathe deep.

Doechii, “Crazy” 

Doechii is making it hard to concentrate. Between the provocatively avante-garde visuals and artful musical production, “Crazy” can quite literally drive you mad. The newly announced TDE/Capitol Records signee‘s major-label debut is nothing short of unforgettable, the singer adding in a statement, “‘Crazy’ is about un-contained power, creativity and confidence. People call you crazy when they fear you or they don’t understand you. So when I use it in the song I’m reflecting that energy back on them to show them themselves.”

Hamond, “Badget”

Houston artist Hamond is back with a new upbeat ballad called “Badget.” Over an electro-pop R&B tempo, the track finds him coming to terms with his relationship’s demise as he sings: “Called me on my bullsh–/ Guess you’ve dodged this bullet/ Where’s the fun in saying ‘we’re done’?” “Badget” is the second single from his forthcoming project.

NO1-NOAH feat. Summer Walker, “Bonjour”

NO1-NOAH tapped Summer Walker for his sultry new single “Bonjour.” The two trade verses about an intimate night from both the male and female perspective. “Bonjour” appears on NO1-NOAH’s upcoming EP You Should Come Over.

Rexx Life Raj feat. Larry June, “Jerry Curl”

Rexx Life Raj linked with Larry June for his calm new single “Jerry Curl.” The former raps and sings about pushing through hardships and doing “Jheri curls around the world” while June delivers a smooth verse about “moving in silence” and “still spreading knowledge.” “Jerry Curl” is a single from Rexx Life Raj’s upcoming album, The Blue Hour.

Naomi Wild, “Obsession”

Marking her return from a three-year hiatus and the beginning of a new chapter in her life, Naomi Wild has released a vulnerable new single called “Obsession.” “This song came from a place of trying to describe how I felt about someone, while also being pretty open and vulnerable about how unpredictable I am,” she explained in a press statement. “Obviously, a lot of people feel like they’re ‘damaged’ to the point where they can’t be loved, or they feel like they’re too much. I kind of wanted to own that with this song.”

August 08, “500 Days”

On “500 Days,” L.A. artist August 08 is sorting through his emotions toward his lover. The hi-hat-heavy track sees the artist singing about seemingly spending “500 Days” with her and is the first single from Towards the Sun, which is Part 1 of his two-part debut project, Seasick.