It’s Friday, and time to deliver the freshest R&B/Hip Hop tracks of the past week. In honor of this festivities, I’ve highlighted the hot tracks from 26AR and Kay Flock, soothing R&B ballads by Josh Levi and Tanerelle and everything in between. Enjoy.

Josh Levi, “Vices”

On “Vices,” Josh Levi is letting go of a toxic relationship. “I been putting down my vices/ AndIi’m having a good time alone losing, you/ Lowered all of the prices/ It’s so affordable to be alone,” the Houston artist sings. The song begins with a simple guitar beat before soft hi-hats and 808s kick in. Recently, Levi appeared on his first Billboard Hot 1oo chart entry with “Nobody Like U,” a song from Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red in which Levi voices a member of the movie’s fictional boy band, 4*TOWN.

Kill Jasper, “Better4u”


The chill “Better4u” finds South Central LA artist Kill Jasper coming to terms with a failed relationship, and confronting his own self-battles. “Somebody out there way better for you/ And that’s so fine cause we both know that s–t true/ My heart telling me ways I shouldn’t move/ I gotta go against grain on things my brain telling me do,” he sings.

Yungeen Ace, “Buy the Building”

On “Buy the Building,” Yungeen Ace reflects on his road from rags to riches. “Used to dream about the bag, I got my hands in this s–t/ We was masked up before the pandemic hit/ Still remember days when the landlord tripped/ Now the water from the ceiling on my wrist/ Now I can buy the building if I choose to,” the Florida artist sing-raps. “Buy the Building” appears on his new album, All On Me.

Nevaeh Jolie, “Chew Me”

This week, Nevaeh Jolie releases a sexually charged new single called “Chew Me.” The female anthem fuses alt-R&B and hip-hop as the singer confidently flexes with wordplay singing, “let him chew me, he gon’ Jimmy Choo me/ Her man wanna hit it but I just let him chew me.”

26AR, “Can’t Slip”

26AR asserts that he will never be caught slipping on his new single, “Can’t Slip.” The Brooklyn drill artist takes to an NYC subway with his boys for the video while he raps about being about that action and not taking any s–t.

Tanna Leone, “Picasso” 

pgLang’s latest addition is about the art. On “Picasso,” the West Coast rapper unfolds reverb-heavy rhymes over a reversed loop, addressing naysayers and making himself known ahead of his debut album, Sleepy Soldier.

Tanerélle, “Sidetracked | Perfect Lover” 

With hypnotic introductory harmonies, reminiscent of Outkast’s “Jazzy Belle,” R&B singer Tanerélle leaves no doubts about her vocal finesse. The ethereal track arrives on the Atlanta-born singer-songwriter’s latest EP, 82 Moons, a transportive listen from front to back.

Kay Flock feat. Cardi B, Dougie B & Bory300, “Shake It”

Cardi B is no stranger to her hometown sound. The NYC-bred superstar joined forces with drill up and comer Kay Flock on the rapid-moving “Shake It.” Fully equipped with one a sample of Akon’s finest mainstream moments (the 2005 hit “Belly Dancer (Bananza)”), the menacing track is well-positioned to take over the summer.

BigWalkDog, “Nino”

Mississippi rapper and 1017 signee BigWalkDog is back again with “Nino.” On the piano-driven track, BigWalk rips rhyme after rhyme, offering no reprieve to naysayers.

Rico Nasty feat. Bktherula, “Vaderz” 

In celebration of 4/20, Rico Nasty joins forces with Atlanta rhyme smith Bktherula on “Vaderz.” The single features Rico’s signature dark, chaotic production, from Ben10k, Danes Blood, and Dirty Dave, as she ping-pongs playful, confident lines back and forth with Bk.