Another week, another round of the freshest picks of the week. From smooth, late-night R&B to upbeat 808-filled rap anthems, this list is bound to include a track suitable for every moment of the next seven days. This week, listen to the sounds of Easy Life, Fana Hues, Josh Levi, Preye and more.

easy life feat. Kevin Abstract, “Dear Miss Holloway”

easy life linked with Kevin Abstract for their new single “Dear Miss Holloway.” The wistful, laid back track is the second glimpse into their forthcoming album Maybe In Another Life slated to release August 12. “Kevin raps about expectations versus reality, choice, and regret,” said the UK band’s frontman Murray Matravers. “Thematically, ‘Dear Miss Holloway’ opened up this whole world, and the desire for us as a band to create a world that was better than the one we inhabited at the time.”

Josh Levi feat. Normani, “Don’t They (Remix)”

Josh Levi recruited Normani for the remix to his luscious single, “Don’t They.” The pop star starred in the original song’s music video two years ago, but this time she delivered a silky verse and tag-teamed with Levi to question, “don’t they make love songs anymore?”

Dende, “Block Me”

On “Block Me,” Dende is struggling to resist the urge to check up on his ex. Constantly reminded of a failed relationship, the CXR singer channeled his pain into song with an equally relatable iMessage conversation-turned-lyric visual. “I can’t even sit straight through our favorite songs/ ‘Cause everything reminds me of where we went wrong/ And I won’t say I’m depressed, but I just don’t feel my best/ ‘Cause you told me what was right, But I just kept turning left,” he sings for the opening verse.

Lebra Jolie, “Spring, Summer”

Lebra Jolie has everything to boast about. The Houston rapper recently signed with Interscope and unleashed “Spring, Summer” as her major label debut. The defiant party anthem doubles as a statement of intent as the newcomer lays down her approach to life, love, and the industry. “The streets don’t belong to em/ They belong to me/ Treat a n—a like a drive-thru/ Welcome to Wendy’s,” she spits on the bold new track.

Devin Malik, “We Seen It”

Devin Malik has seen it all. Paired with a wild, night-vision visual, the California rapper-producer drops his debut single “We Seen It” this week, where he raps about getting money and being tired of the same old s–t.

Preyé, “Malibu”

Preyé glides over a laid-back beat on her latest sun-kissed single, “Malibu.” The Nigerian singer-songwriter fawns over a potential beau, singing, “You’re exactly what I like/ Can I have some of your time if you don’t mind?” The California-inspired single comes ahead of her upcoming EP, Don’t Look Down.

Fana Hues, “Drive”

Fana Hues joins forces with Pigeons & Planes this week, ahead of the music publication’s compilation album See You Next Year. The debut single, “Drive,” sets the pace for the Mike Dean-produced project, Hues delivering effortless melodies atop a groovy, smooth-sailing beat.  

Cochise, “TURN IT UP”

On “Turn It Up,” Cochise is live performance-ready. The speedy, hi-hat-driven track is sure to become a fan favorite, perfect for bouncing around at festivals and parties all summer long. Produced by Cochise alongside Nonbruh and Ransom, the synthy offering

Swavay, “JUGG”

Ahead of his album, Atlanta up and comer SwaVay shakes things up with “JUGG.” “I’m in Atlanta sun beaming on my back,” he raps in an infectious cadence as a camera pans out on the rapper centered in an expansive, verdant field. His tone is assertive, the genre-transcending wordsmith boasting about his talents, squad and wins.

Sevana, “Lowe Mi”

“Lowe Mi in Patois, my home dialect, means to leave me be,” Sevana says. “I say it in my song to block any energy meant to tear me down.” The headstrong track shows a confident Sevana strolling through her native Jamaica, green outfit matching her lush surroundings. “Lowe Mi” is sure to uplift spirits, centering ethereal harmonies and a dominant drum pattern.