Diamond D’s video for his new single “The Wrong Thing” is a classic love tale so many of us know all to well, and the hip hop legend brings the story to life in the cinematic visual that he co-directed with Reemo Films. The track is taken from Diamond D’s 2022 release “The Rear View” and serves as the soundtrack for a short film about a very specific type of heartbreak. As D explained during an interview, it’s the story of a man who finds a good woman but ultimately ruins the relationship by neglecting her. Realizing what he’s done, he tries to win her back at all costs by giving her everything she deserves, from gifts to nights on the town. And while “The Wrong Thing” already hits hard enough with D’s storytelling bars and scene setting, it’s made that much more potent thanks to Ashtin Martin’s guest vocals on the hook. Watch the “The Wrong Thing” video below.

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