Here are some of my favorite hip hop singles.

1 Rapper’s Delight

The Sugarhill Gang

2 The Breaks

Kurtis Blow

3 It’s Like That


4 That’s The Joint

The Funky Four + 1

5 Funk You Up

The Sequence

6 The Message

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

7 Rock The Bells

LL Cool J

8 Raw

Big Daddy Kane

9 Vapors

Biz Markie

10 Six N The Morning

Ice T

11 Straight Outt A Compton


12 Ladies First

Queen Latifah Ft. Monie Love

13 I Cram To Understand U Sam

MC Lyte

14 The Show

Slick Rick & The Get Fresh Crew

15 Paul Revere

The Beastie Boys

16 The Gas Face

3rd Bass

17 Monie In The Middle

Monie Love

18 Me, Myself & I

De La Soul

19 How Ya Like Me Now

Kool Moe Dee

20 Children’s Story

Slick Rick