Keke Palmer is creating waves once more as she drops her mesmerizing music video and song for “FR FR” off her recently released album Big Boss.

This much-awaited endeavor showcases Palmer’s development as an artist and her ongoing ability to uplift others via her singular talent and uncompromising authenticity.

Keke’s anthem “FR FR” explores her need for sincerity in her relationships and strikes a chord with listeners. The song emphasizes the value of trust and discretion and exhorts her lover to be genuine and refrain from looking for approval from others. The song is brought to life by Keke’s assured delivery and skill as a lyricist, demonstrating her genuine enthusiasm throughout her career. Through “FR FR,” she investigates ideas of self-expression, independence, and remaining loyal to oneself. Watch the video “FR FR” below.

This song is the property of Vydia/Big Bosses Ent.