Jimmy Brown and legendary funk band Brick return with their new single “Drive Me Crazy”, which is an upbeat number that fuses a bit of 1970s Brick horn play, with the sleek, synthy funk of the 1980s and contemporary R&B touches in the form of autotune vocals. The song finds Brown using his rich and husky baritone and the technology to wax rhapsodic about a woman, and the impact her presence has on his mental state. Brown makes it clear to listeners that he’s singing about a good kind of crazy, but he would have to be stone out of his mind to let her go. The music of Brick has been a part of summertime cookout soundtracks since they burst on the scene in the 1970s. The band wants to keep the party going with “Drive Me Crazy.” Check it out below.

This song is the property of Jimmy Brown & Brick.