Key Glock is set to expand his recent project with “Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)”, which was released today via Paper Route/Empire. The new edition of “Glockoma 2” includes eight new tracks, enhancing the original album that reached #13 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release in February. “Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)” features production from Bandplay, Tay Keith and more. It contains a raw and uncompromising dose of street music for fans, with no frills or featured artists, just the unfiltered essence of Key Glock. Key Glock’s latest single, “Presidental Rolex”, accompanied the announcement. It’s a flex-heavy track that showcases his self-assured style. Produced by Tay Keith, the song blends an insistent piano line, sampled vocals, and ornamental sounds, creating a captivating backdrop for Key Glock’s lyrical prowess. In “Presidental Rolex”, Glock confidently stacks flexes, leaving ordinary folks unable to compete with his shine. Watch the “Presidental Rolex” video below.

This song is the property of Paper Route/Empire.