Happy Wednesday! I’ve got a handful of new songs to help you push through the rest of the week. From experimental efforts by Khi Infinite and Porsch Bet$, to introspective tracks by Joyner Lucas and Idman, this week’s list has everything you need and more. Enjoy.

Freshest Find: Khi Infinite, “Balance”

Following his involvement on the Fast X soundtrack, Khi Infinite is looking to take advantage of the momentum with his new single, “Balance.” Produced by Asha Imuno, the dynamic new track sees him experimenting with his vocal range, blending R&B singing with a mellow, uptempo-ish beat. “The ego breeds a complex of desire and hatred. Love is the only thing that brings full harmony–balance is the root of it all,” he says of the track’s title.

Porsh Bet$ feat. Keni Can Fly, “Cheerios”

When it comes to his partner, Porsh Bet$ will “be there in the morning like cereal.” On “Cheerios,” the Harlem native recruits Keni Can Fly for a dreamy alt-R&B song about being in tune with their lovers. The elongated guitar strums and synth undertones pair well together, making it a perfect song to ride around to on a breezy summer day.

Joyner Lucas, “Broski”

Joyner Lucas continues his run as one of hip-hop’s preeminent storytellers with his newest video, “Broski.” Helmed by Lucas, the five-minute clip stars Rotimi, who plays the role of an endearing yet jealous friend struggling with his friend’s success. “Broski” is a scintillating ride showcasing the peaks and valleys of a brotherhood with one too many cracks, and why you always have to keep your eye open amongst your closest friends.

TeeFLii & Dom Kennedy feat. Diamond Ortiz, “Horoscope”

Over the last decade, Dom Kennedy went from the best-kept secret out West to a regional treasure with his calm swagger as his hallmark. The Leimert Park veteran phones home impressive verses alongside his OPM teammate TeeFLii on their latest collaboration, I Love Stocker. “Pleasure” and “Moroccan Rugs” display Dom and TeeFLii as confident lotharios plotting their sexual conquests. At the same time, “Horoscope” presents the duo’s potential of being longtime loyal lovers to their partners.

Hudi, “In the Cut”

Hudi is — per usual — unapologetically himself in the visual for his latest single, “In the Cut.” Arriving on his mixtape Holy Smokes!, the Y2K-inspired cut belongs in club scene of your favorite teen movie (who knows how they were even getting into said clubs at age 16, but we digress). The visual and track feel undeniably authentic for the left-of-center rapper, born Hudson Prichett, and proves a consistent continuation of his unique sound.

Idman, “Still”

Idman describes her EP single “Still” as, “the song I think would hook me if I wasn’t me.” The Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter grapples with rollercoaster love, the City James-directed video depicting a tumultuous yet passionate romance. On the selection of her on-screen lover, Idman says, “We always wanted to cast a non-cis-het man lead and then at some point switched it back to being my trainer Jerome, a 6’3” former NFL player. The morning of the shoot an emergent opportunity to switch out the lead in service of the art (and my heart) came up, and we took it.”