The highly anticipated posthumous album LONG LIVE COOLIO continues to honor the legendary rapper as the estate, alongside 1 Pic Entertainment and Strategic Media Entertainment/Intercept Music, releases the album’s second single on major streaming platforms. Titled “A Star Is Born,” the track showcases Coolio’s journey to fame, accompanied by the distinct vocal contributions of Treach from Naughty by Nature, MC Shan, and DJ Wino, who had a long-standing collaboration with Coolio.

To complement the release, a captivating music video for “A Star Is Born” has been unveiled, directed by Ken Francis and Niknotti. The video not only features appearances from Treach, MC Shan, and DJ Wino but also includes behind-the-scenes photos and videos that pay tribute to Coolio’s enduring legacy.

LONG LIVE COOLIO serves as a testament to the rapper’s influence and impact on the West Coast-inspired sound, ensuring that his music and artistic contributions continue to resonate with fans and new listeners alike. Watch the “A Star Is Born” video below.

This song is the property of PIC Entertainment.