Back in 2009, the trio Lady A moved beyond their country roots to create a song for the ages. “Need You Now” became an out-of-the-box hit, even topping the pop charts, and became a staple on jukeboxes and playlists everywhere. The song, a relatable tale of a person alone at “at quarter after one” and thinking of the lover they miss, connected with listeners then, even as it does now.Fast forward fourteen years and two members of indie soul royalty, Anthony David and Algebra Blessett, team to give new life to the song. David and Blessett have previously paired for the #1 hit “4EverMore” and last year’s “Heaven,” and here they remind us again of the palpable music chemistry between them. “Need You Now” is a smoky piece of nighttime soul where the sparse arrangement allows these two expressive vocalists to standout, powerfully delivering a beautiful updating of the now-classic song. Listen to “Need You Now” below.

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