“Throwback,” the new ballad by Ingram Street, is an example of truth in advertising. The song’s name truly does say it all. The tune harkens back to those smooth, romantic slow jams that got played on Quiet Storm radio formats. The other place where you would hear a cut like “Throwback” was at a house party where they cut off the little blue light screwed into the socket in the basement seconds after the needle dropped on the vinyl. That gave a guy just enough time to find a soft and (hopefully) willing hand to pull onto the dance floor. The four-beat melody is propelled by a distinctive slow jam bass line, as well as two smooth voices that come from two guys willing to  dispense with their cool cards. “Throwback” is a tune where the brothers Ingram put words and sentiments into the heart of any guy who might need a reset. Listen to “Throwback” below.

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