Hip Hop Pick Of The Week: Neck & Wrist-Pusha T Ft. Jay Z & Pharrell Williams

This song is the property of Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc/Def Jam Recordings.

Terrence LeVarr Thornton, known professionally as Pusha T, is an American rapper and record executive. He rose to prominence as one half of the hip hop duo Clipse, which was active from 1994 to 2010 along with his older brother No Malice. He has released the albums “My Name is My Name Is” (2013), “King Push-Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude” (2015), “Daytona” (2018) and “It’s Almost Dry” (2022).

R&B Pick Of The Week: Shine On-Luke James

This song is the property of Luke James.

Luke James Boyd, known professionally as Luke James, is an American singer/songwriter/actor. He began his career as a background vocalist for singer/actor Tyrese, where he met and was soon mentored by producers The Underdogs along with acquaintance Quentin, under Luke and Q. He was signed directly to J Records by Clive Davis and wrote songs for Chris Brown, Brittany Spears and Justin Bieber. He has released the albums “Luke James” (2014) and “To Feel Loved” (2020).

Wiz Khalifa Enters The Mushroom Business With Psilocybin & Wellness Brand

Wiz Khalifa has teamed up with Canadian company Red Light Holland to launch Mistercap, a new naturally occurring psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand.

The publicly-traded Ontario, Canada-based company already produces, grows and sells psychedelics in the Netherlands, which has one of the most liberal drug policies of any country in Europe. The Grammy-nominated rapper, who previously went by the moniker “Mr. Cap,” is working with Red Light Holland on magic truffles in the Netherlands, and they’re aiming to launch home-grown natural (non-psychedelic) mushroom kits in the U.S., Europe and Canada by the end of the year.

“We’ve been working with Wiz Khalifa and his team to collaborate and create a brand that encompasses our joint belief for the affordable and equitable access to naturally occurring psilocybin responsibly,” said Red Light Holland CEO/director Todd Shapiro in a statement. He added that they “will monitor future potential markets, if and when regulations legally permit, to expand the availability” of the psychedelic product line and “will continue to work towards producing additional functional mushroom products jointly under the MISTERCAP brand.”

Shapiro said that Khalifa’s influence makes him “uniquely positioned to help us spread the message and end the stigma surrounding psilocybin while focusing on mental health and wellness.”

The sale of psilocybin — a naturally occurring psychedelic which is the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms” — is currently illegal under federal law in the U.S. and Canada, though it was recently decriminalized statewide in Oregon as well as in the District of Columbia and several municipalities in California, Washington, Colorado, Michigan and Massachusetts. In Europe, psilocybin is legal for sale only in the Netherlands, though other European countries, including Austria, Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic, have decriminalized possession of magic mushrooms.

In spite of widespread restrictions on psilocybin globally, Khalifa and Red Light Holland are clearly hoping that the current push to decriminalize the drug in various countries, including the U.S., will expand the market for their psychedelic product line over time. And by selling non-psychedelic grow kits, they’re evidently aiming to build up their customer database in the meantime.

There’s reason for optimism. In addition to the successful push for decriminalization in the aforementioned U.S. states and municipalities, another federally-banned drug, cannabis, is now fully legal for recreational use in roughly half of U.S. states, the District of Columbia and multiple territories, while around a dozen others have allowed it for medical use. In Canada, cannabis is legal on the federal level for recreational use, while many countries in Europe have also legalized or decriminalized the drug recreationally. In the wake of these successful legalization efforts, a number of celebrity-branded cannabis products have flooded the market, including from Lil Wayne (GKUA Ultra Premium), Willie Nelson (Willie’s Reserve), Snoop Dogg (Leafs by Snoop) and Khalifa’s own Khalifa Kush cannabis line, which he’s run since 2014.

“Launching Mistercap Magic Truffles in the Netherlands and creating other Mistercap natural mushroom products and Home Grow kits is gonna be dope,” said Khalifa in a statement. “We are building something special and are excited to grow with the industry.”

Brad J. Lamb, chairman of the board of directors of Red Light Holland, added, “Genuine brand recognition and celebrity social media reach will help Red Light Holland gain global awareness for recreational psilocybin as we all look forward to being a part of a positive change and ending stigmas. Red Light will also continue to focus on increasing revenues with many different kinds of mushrooms, from farming, distribution to consumer-packaged goods, creating a well-positioned company with a continued, constant and clever growth strategy.”

My 90s R&B Playlist

Listed below are some of my favorite R&B singles from the 1990s.

1 Feels Good

Tony, Toni, Tone

2 Just Can’t Handle It

Hi Five

3 Hold On


4 Ain’t Too Proud To Beg


5 Say My Name

Destiny’s Child

6 Poision

Bell, Biv, Devoe

7 I Wanna Sex You Up

Color Me Badd

8 Love Shoulda Brought You Home

Toni Braxton

9 Cupid


10 Freak Me


11 I Wanna Be Down


12 If I Ever Fall In Love


13 Come Inside


14 Sweet November


15 That’s The Way Love Goes

Janet Jackson

16 Remember The Time

Michael Jackson

17 Don’t Walk Away


18 I’m Dreaming

Christopher Williams

19 Sweet Lady


20 Into You


All Music Notes Playlist

Here’s what you’ll find on my Spotify playlist.

1 Break My Soul


2 Heaven

Anthony David & Algebra Blessett

3 No Stopping Us

Charlie Wilson Ft. Babyface, K-Ci Hailey & Johnny Gill

4 Lessons

Eric Roberson Ft. Anthony Hamilton Raheem DaVaughn & Kevin Ross

5 Let You Light Shine

Ivy Chanel

6 Love’s Train

Silk Sonic

7 No Place Like You

After 7

8 Good Morning Gorgeous

Mary J. Blige Ft. H.E.R.

9 Be Like Water

PJ Morton Ft. Stevie Wonder & Nas

10 Love’s My Ammunition

Son Of Pearl

11 It’s Gonna Be Alright

Acantha Lang

12 Off Maxwell

13 Footsteps In The Dark

Jarrod Lawson

14 When The Time Comes

Chaka Khan

15 Late Sophia Bromberg

16 It Don’t Matter

Robert Glasper Ft. Gregory Porter & Ledisi

17 Take Me Away

Melba Moore

18 Never Knew

Kenny Lattimore

19 Don’t Blame Love

Sargent Tucker

20 Turn It Up


Hip Hop Spotlight: Cold Gangsta-Yo Gotti Ft. 42 Dugg & EST Gee

This song is the property of CMG/Inevitable Records.

Mario Sentell Giden Mims, known professionally as Yo Gotti, is an American rapper/songwriter/record executive. He has released the albums “Youngsta’s On A Come Up” (1996), “From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game” (2000), “Self-Explanatory” (2001), “Life” (2003), “Back 2 Da Basics” (2006), “Live From The Kitchen” (2012), “I Am” (2013), “The Art Of Hustle” (2016), “I Still Am” (2017), “Untrapped” (2020) and “CM10: Free Game” (2022).

R&B Spotlight: Telling You-Sidibe

This song is the property of Sidibe.

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Sidibe has been growing her fan base for several years, first providing songwriting support for artists like Common, and more recently, upfront with her ethereal, Sade influenced music and five octave vocal range. Sidibe released the EP “Diamond In The Desert”, named after the single she released earlier this year. Her latest single, “Telling You”, is another cool gem, but with a steadier groove and thick bottom end that makes it fit for the dance floor as well as your chill out room. Listen and enjoy.

Inside The Industry: New Music From Acantha Lang-It’s Gonna Be Alright

New Orleans raised; London based singer/songwriter Acantha Lang returns to the airwaves with her new single “It’s Gonna Be Alright.” “It’s Gonna Be Alright” is an affirmation that, while we go through rough patches in life, they don’t define us. Listen to “It’s Gonna Be Alright” below.

This song is the property of Acantha Lang.